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Friday, February 23, 2024

5 Risks of Quitting Drugs and Alcohol Cold Turkey

Quitting drugs and alcohol is difficult. Most addicts think they can quit cold turkey. This usually isn’t a good idea.

Going cold turkey can be dangerous. In some cases, it could even be life threatening. It’s better to taper off of drugs slowly with medical supervision.

These are five risks of cold turkey quitting.

1. Paranoia

Your body won’t know what’s going on.

Whenever a routine changes, it’s normal for paranoia to set in.

The same is true when you go cold turkey. Your body will go into panic mode.

Paranoia takes many different forms.

In some cases, you might not notice someone is experiencing paranoia.

It could all be in their head.

Withdrawal patients might fear that someone is out to get them.

They could be afraid for their life. They will claim that they will need drugs or alcohol to continue functioning. This isn’t true.

You shouldn’t give an addict more drugs, even if they are begging you.

This will only make things worse.

It can be hard to distinguish between paranoia and real threats.

If you aren’t certain, hand the situation over to the professionals.

2. Relapse

The greatest risk of going cold turkey is relapsing.

Withdrawal symptoms are not easy to handle. Addicts will try to take only a little bit of a drug to make the pain go away.

This usually leads to a deeper cycle of addiction.

It’s better to detox under medical provision. Facilities like this recovery center in Los Angeles provide professional detox services.

There are doctors and nurses who specialize in detox treatment.

Other doctors might not know how to treat an addict.

When going sober, your primary goal should be staying sober.

Going to a professional center increases your chances of achieving your goal.

Relapses can happen. They are most likely to happen early on.

Going turkey increases the likelihood of a relapse.

Withdrawal symptoms last longer than you think. For some patients, they can last up to a month. However, this is only in severe cases.

Recovery is about more than cutting out drugs and alcohol.

It’s about starting a new life. You need to create good habits while removing bad ones.

A professional rehab center will give you the tools you need to restart your life. It might be expensive and time consuming, but it’s worth it.

You won’t regret taking control of your life.

3. Sickness

Alcohol can make you sick.

Surprisingly, so can alcohol withdrawal.

Any sudden change in your body is going to take a toll.

You will probably feel nauseous. But you might also develop a fever or another illness.

This is because your body is working hard to remove toxins.

Your body probably hasn’t worked so hard in a long time.

Illness is another reason you should detox under medical supervision.

If you become sick and go to a normal doctor, they won’t treat the addiction. They will only treat the illness.

Both need to be treated.

4. Shaking

Shaking and jittering are classic withdrawal symptoms.

If you notice someone is twitching or behaving strangely, it’s a telltale sign of addiction. Ask when they had their last drink.

Shaking and other strange movements will usually only last for twenty-four hours. In more severe cases, they can last up to seventy-two.

When the shaking sets in, find a way to relax.

Don’t turn to drugs to calm your body. Find something healthy.

Seek out help from someone near you.

If you are with an addict, try and comfort them.

Give them a hug or brew a pot of herbal tea.

Be there for them.

5. Insomnia

Alcoholics usually can’t sleep without alcohol.

Alcohol is a depressant. It calms your body and relaxes it.

Without alcohol, your body will start overworking to relax.

You probably won’t be able to sleep.

Don’t drink or take sleeping pills. Find soothing activities.

Take a long, warm bath. Watch a comforting movie.

Drink chamomile tea or a glass of warm milk.

Eventually, you will fall asleep.

Your body needs lots of rest during recovery.

Sleep is an essential type of rest.


Reconsider before going cold turkey. You probably won’t be able to get sober, and you are putting your health at risk. Seek professional help.

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