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7 Incredibly Useful Window Box for Small Businesses

Window boxes are just like a regular shaped box, but they have an additional quality of having a window at the top. This frame makes such containers an ideal choice for the products that require proper display in a safe and secure packaging. These containers are exclusively designed to cater to this need, and they are manufactured with highly durable and robust cardboard stock while Kraft stock can also be used. These boxes are considered an ideal type of packaging for the retail sale of the products such as cosmetics, jewelry, electronics, mobile phone, and their accessories, lingerie, and toys. Another potential consumer for this packaging is the food industry where it is used for a number of edibles such as cakes, macarons, pie, and many other items. Since this packaging is widely used in the retail sale, they are considered an essential tool for promoting a small business.

Below are mentioned seven incredibly useful box designs with window for small businesses that can be helpful in uplifting the business.

  1. Casement box with sleeve

This type of window box packaging comes with a case that has a sleeve or slider inside. The slider is used to hold the item firmly, and whenever needed, it can be taken out of the box while the item is still fastened to it. This is the safest way to display the product in a store where there are only one or two salespersons available at a time. The type of packaging design is useful for items like jewellery, accessories, key chains, and mini toys. The sleeve of the packaging is covered with a strong and transparent vinyl sheet that let the buyer see the product and at the same time protects it from environmental residual such as dust and moisture as well as from scratches.

  1. Counter display box with a window

There are items that need to be displayed at the counter in order to get noticed by the customers. The counter display boxes are used for this purpose, but with a wide-open top, the items can be dusty and rough. To keep them safe from dust and unnecessary sunlight, the counter display boxes with a window can be helpful. The window also works as a dispenser slot that can be used to pick up an item either by the shopkeeper or by the customer itself. This type of packaging is perfect for items such as lipsticks, eyeliners, candies, and chocolates.

  1. Delivery boxes with window

Since these boxes are widely used for the packaging of food items, they are also trusted by the food suppliers because of their safety and security towards the product and at the same time they do advertise the items as well as the manufacturing brand. A regular box can do the cargo job perfectly well, but they fail when it comes to showcasing the product. The customers can pick up the food item more confidently when they can see what the product is actually they are going to pay for. Another thing about displaying the edible is that it enhances the cravings of the customers and compels them to buy it.

  1. Gift packaging with window

One of the major uses of packaging solutions is packing of gift items. A gift is not something that can be offered to anyone; instead, it is presented to only those who are dear and loved ones. Presenting an award to the loved one in a fashionable box that has a see-through slot on it enhances its value, and it becomes easier for the recipient to get to know what is inside the box. The recipient comes to know about the gift even without opening the case. The see-through window increases the level of curiosity and urges the recipient to open the pack and hold the item in its hands. This type of packaging is the most commonly used item by most of the online shopping stores. There are many online packaging companies that manufacture these window boxes in Melbourne and provide shipping to all over Australia.

  1. Toy boxes with die-cut window

Kids love toys, and they love it, even more, when they come in an exciting packaging. There are toys that require not only the safest and most reliable packaging but also a good amount of display as well. The window boxes are an ideal type of packaging for such toys. These boxes are extensively used by the toy manufacturers as well as retailers to grab the attention of the customers. A toy no matter how beautiful it is will not be noticed by the buyer if it is packed in a box that does not allow it to be seen through. On the other hand, the same toy will surely be noticed by the buyers if it is packed in a packaging that allows it to be seen through while it is placed on the shelf of a store.

  1. Die-cut boxes for sports items

Another incredible use of such boxes is the packaging of sports items. Since sports items like cue balls, cricket ball, swimming goggles, and many others are packed in this type of packaging. These boxes are also available with a hanging panel that makes it easier for the shopkeeper to display the items perfectly well even in a small space.

  1. Electronics items display boxes

Although electronics items are expensive yet they need an ample amount of display in the store. The window box packaging is the perfect type of packaging for such items. The availability of customisation makes it easier for the retailer to get the perfectly shaped and sized box for the items of various size and design. Such boxes can also be used for keeping the items in a store for a short period of time.

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