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8 SEO Advantages to Pinterest

8 SEO Advantages to Pinterest


Just after you thought that you(BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK) were in control of your SEO strategy.

Social media strategies and online presence under control Yet another social networking site is taking over the world.

It was seven months ago Google+, now it’s Pinterest and it’s growing in popularity and relevance to organic search results.


 It has moreover 10 million members, with more than 2 million who visit each day, “pin” photos, videos and images into categories they make in accordance with their particular preferences. Users of Pinterest also post their pins on Facebook and tweet them.

 “Their personal interests” might contain images that reflect your brand. Pinning images is how customers, prospects, visitors and followers would like to share their experiences with your company. BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK

 A number of companies like GE and IBM use Pinterest and proving that it’s useful for both B2C and B2B.

 Here are 8 SEO reasons to include Pinterest into your site and the best way to begin.


  1. SEO to get Better Google Rankings

Content on Pinterest is indexed and crawled by Google and will influence the rankings of your SEO. Consider it an opportunity to beat your competition for a particular search term.

If you’re pinning images on behalf of your business ensure you optimize Pinterest photo comments to include important key phrases. BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK

If you are in control of the names of your images when they were first published, you should take the time to optimize your photo’s descriptions for search terms as well.


  1. Backlinks and Referrals

Every image that is pinged to a Board includes a backlink to the source of its original publication. These are important backlinks that can bring in the opportunity for referral traffic too. BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK

Profit from this. Sharing your service or product videos and images is a great way to begin.

Be aware that you should avoid self-promotion blatantly – ensure that you provide an added value to your customers by sharing content that’s relevant to their needs and worth sharing, liking and reposting.


  1. It is the Pinterest Search Box

With millions of users visiting Pinterest each day, users are searching for brands using the Pinterest search bar. Does your company’s presence exist?


Do you have a Pinterest presence reflect and strengthen your brand image to potential customers who is searching?


  1. Web Presence

Pinterest is another online presence point. It’s as simple as that. Like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter as well as LinkedIn, Pinterest has gained enough popularity and importance that not allowing.

It could negatively impact your online performance compared to those of your competitors.


  1. Content

Pinterest is unique in that it’s the sole social network website that is exclusively focused on sharing photos. It is likely that you do not need to look far to locate an array of pictures video, images and graphics within your company.

For instance Design and architecture firms have projects realtors have catalogs, product companies offer products. Service businesses like vacation and leisure include photos of locations artist’s work.

Sports-related businesses have action shots, nonprofits include people and locations. Events, tech companies include infographics and conferences and so on.


Start thinking about ways to increase your photo collection.


  1. Social Signals

Social signals are incorporated into Google’s and Bing’s organic searches algorithms. Pinterest offers a different opportunity for your potential customers. Visitors and customers to create Social signals (Tweets, Shares, Likes, Google +’s and, now, Pint rests).

Social signals signal to Google that people would like to share content with those they have a relationship with, which means you that the content that you post is of interest.


  1. Competitors

Your competition is likely to be already using Pinterest already. This is an excellent reason to start. If they’re not already, profit from the opportunity to build your Pinterest presence prior to when they will.


  1. Pinterest will not disappear anytime soon.

As of December 11, the website made it one of the top 10 most popular social networks in the world, according to Hitwise information, which shows that it has 11 million visits over a week.

The number of visits increased by 21.5 million visits during the week that ended on January 28th in 2012.

In Experian’s Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report, Pinterest is now the third most-popular social network within the U.S. behind Facebook and Twitter and has surpassed LinkedIn.


The Pinterest team is committed to their business. Recently, they have raised another $100 million from a few notable investors.


Getting Started


You can request an account on If there is someone you know who is a member, request an invitation.

Create a Pinterest account to represent your company and then reserve your primary brand name.

Make sure to link your business account to both Facebook and Twitter. Twitter as well as Facebook accounts to allow you to publish content on the social networks. If you pin an image, you can tweet it and then share it with your friends.

You can add your Pinterest social icon on your corporate web pages as well as blog sites.

Make a Board, and start by pinning!

Pinterest is among the many tools you can employ to enhance your online marketing strategy. Start your journey now by speaking with a professional WSI Internet Consultant to assist in your SEO strategy along with other aspects in your marketing plan.



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