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A complete guide on selecting the right EV chargers

Smart charging, as opposed to standard (or dumb) charging devices that aren’t cloud-connected, allows the charging station owner to remotely monitor, regulate, and restrict the usage of their devices to save energy consumption.

Only the sky is the limit when it comes to cloud-based solutions (pun intended). The smart EV charging service may be customised: you can easily add and remove functions to design a system that meets your specific demands. Existing charging stations from EV charger manufacturers India can also be upgraded with new functionality. As a result, intelligent EV charging is also future-proof. As the world changes, shifting wants and hopes will be transformed into new features and integrated into the smart system.

Electric cars that are connected to the grid and get smart charging form a symbiotic relationship with the power system, in which they mutually support one another. This relationship would not exist without smart charging, and EVs might become a grid strain.


Smart EV charging is enabled by an intelligent back-end technology that provides charging station owners with real-time data from linked charging devices and charging events.

Because the stations are connected to the cloud, they may be handled depending on a variety of signals, including erratic energy output, local power consumption, the number of other cars being charged, and the usage of electrical equipment on a nearby site. EV charging must be smart in order to establish a more sustainable energy system based on renewable energy sources.


For the energy industry, intelligent charging is highly useful, if not critical. But positive things come in abundance: electric car drivers, charging station owners, and charging network operators all benefit from smartness.Here’s how a smart electric car charging system from EV charger manufacturers may help you and your customers.

Advantages for EV drivers

Isn’t it tempting to believe that as long as your car is charged, it doesn’t matter where you charge it? Regrettably, this is not the case.

Locate EV charging stations that are currently available.

Using a smartphone app, you can quickly locate accessible charging stations and schedule a charging place while on the road. The smartphone application provides information on charging power and pricing, as well as real-time data on charging station availability.

Charge more quickly

The smart gadget will use the greatest amount of energy available on its own. Most smart gadgets have a maximum charging capability of 22 kW. Even with a maximum capacity of 150kW, fast charging stations can charge.

Safer recharging

A smart charging device is a lot safer and more carefree choice than a domestic socket, especially when compared to a household plug. Before they begin charging, smart gadgets automatically test the connection between your car and the device. All charging occurrences are recorded and analysed.


Electric vehicle charging services may be provided on a variety of levels: you can provide EV charging as a value-added service to your clients, or you might own hundreds of chargers around the country.

The largest expense of EV charging is hidden fees. You can eliminate hidden expenses, manage the world’s most efficient EV charging company, and grow with highly scalable digital plug-and-play platform solution. We supply you with all of the resources you’ll need to start a business based on electric vehicle charging.

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