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Currency Exchange Rate APIs: Free Currency Converters & Currency List APIs

Have you ever wondered why some people are so obsessed over currency converter APIs? Especially the ones who are involved in financial job roles, forex trading, or international markets. This is because hardly anything can generate the latest currency rates after a comprehensive investigation of multiple countries within a jiffy. A paid or free currency converter is one of the most desired tools in the market. With this API providing enriched features like prompt information through continuous refreshing, diverse pricing plans, and lightweight background – there is simply no turning back.

Currency exchange rate API is renowned for its ability to retrieve countless currencies. The user interfaces are majorly created in JSON, XML, or CSV for a precise appearance. This article will comprise the ultimate currency list API covering all the top ones.


No wonder Fixer has achieved first place in the list, and that is primarily because of its simplistic and lightweight backdrop. It works seamlessly with the JSON file format, and the notable part is, biggies like Microsoft. Samsung, Instacart, and Bershka trust this API for their forex trading.

This API has an extensive 6 years of experience in offering authentic data sources. Quite naturally it is regarded as the top aid for real-time exchange rates. One of the elementary reasons behind its trustworthy nature is, it derives its data from highly credible sources like the European Central Bank.

It curates data from over 170 countries and that too is revitalized every 60 seconds. Fixer has numerous plans and its free version offers 100 requests monthly. For a better experience, opt for the paid versions.

2.Currency Layer API 

This one is a recognized free currency converter offering a convenient REST API. one will encounter authentic exchange rates of over 168 currencies chronologically. Its JSON format delivers compatibility with different applications. The spot exchange rate data is drawn in real-time from manifold forex internet organizations. It is followed by confirmation, examination, analysis, and delivery every hour, minute, and seconds.

This API operates monetary converters, mobile apps, financial system software, and also back-office devices throughout the world. It then offers the most credible forex market price available or the midpoint value for every API request.


3.Currency API 

The Currency API is another popular platform that generates more than 170 currencies. Not only the current ones, but this API is also renowned for curating historical data as well. In fact, if you are someone new to the currency conversion sphere, simply begin your journey by opting for the free version where you will receive 300 free credits per month.

One highlighting feature of this API is, it also offers the conversion of cryptocurrencies. With the incorporation of the JSON REST API, the interface gains the capacity to produce real-time foreign exchange rates. The constant refreshing of data every 60 seconds makes the audience trust its authenticity even more.

This API is trusted by noted brands like Coca-Cola, Heineken, SAP, Fossil, and so on. Some of its beneficial features include advanced customer support as well as an affable user interface, quick turnaround of responses, bank-level backing, and most importantly trusted sources.


This currency exchange rate API allows the audience to inspect live currency rates. This API is trusted by notable companies like Vista Print, Shopify, Clear Books, and Xero. Not only does XE lays out the contemporary, and historical data but also has a travel expenses calculator.

With the currency being updated every 60 seconds, the users never undergo the fear of witnessing bygone data.  The speedy and credible currency converter and calculator help different users in their trading purposes. They have a massive experience of 25 years, and throughout these years, XE worked hard and became a notable member of Euronet Worldwide, and undoubtedly a currency exchange chief as well.

5.IBAN – Forex Reference Suite 

This forex reference suite is a product of a SAAS solution and is regarded as the most popularly automated currency conversion API. It delivers data from authentic sources like central banks and authority sources. On top of that, the currency data is continually revised every 10 minutes for offering real-time forex data. The audience will receive access to over 154 currencies, and you will also be able to gain insights into market fluctuations.

This API is also protected with HHTPs, which means, you will not even have to worry about privacy as well.

To conclude, these top 5 conversion APIs have been accredited as the most reputed ones. They are certainly budget-friendly since they offer different pricing plans suiting everyone’s needs. On top of that, they offer some incredible features that will suffice the needs of diverse people. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing about currency conversion API, start by giving this currency list API a read.

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