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Fashion clothing tips for short heighted and plus size women

Do you feel annoyed when your short height or plus size does not permit you to wear fantastic outfits and fashion latest trends?  If yes, then you must explore this article written below. It guides you over some smart clothing tips that project you to appear taller. You will feel amazed to know that in addition to wearing heels, you can try number of tricks that can make you look taller than what you really are. If you are plus size then too there are many things that you can try in order to look slim and confident.

Some tips to appear taller:

Try monochromatic colours: Shorter women should go for clothes in one colour rather than those with two different shades. Keep in mind that different coloured top and bottom cuts body in half and make you look as a shorter person. Also avoid wearing dark and light colour clothes together as they too depict same result. Wearing monochromatic dresses that come in single shade or different shades of same colour, you can look a lot taller. Darker the colour of outfit, the taller you look. Darker colours also make you look leaner.

Choose right trousers: Shorter women should avoid wearing hipsters and other low hip styles. Wear outfits having higher waistline as they make your legs look longer than they really are. Say big ‘no-no’ to flared and short pants. To look taller, try wearing pants that cover your shoes. Single straight pants look attractive. Avoid wearing capris as they look good only on tall people. Capris break person’s height and shorten them in appearance.

Dresses and skirts: Do not wear miniskirts or any other type of mini dresses as they look good only if they have long legs. Don’t go for dresses that end at your calves. You can wear maxi dresses covering your legs properly with high heels to look taller.

Some tips to look slim:

Best body shaper: If you choose a good body shaper then you can surely look slimer in no time. Body shapers are much in demand these days and can surely show the magic and you can look slim and confident.

Regular Workout: Workout is most important for women who are plus size. Walking, jogging, exercise, cycling etc are some of the workouts you can add in your daily habits in order to loss weight and look slim.

Proper and healthy diet: Diet plays a vital role if you are planning to look slim. With proper and healthy diet, you can lose fat and at the same time feel energetic.

So, no matter if you are shorter or plus size there are ways by which you can still feel confident. It is just you need to go for the right things. Waist trainer wrap is also a great product by which you can look slim and is now in trend. Check out for it online and place your order today.

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