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Features & Benefits of Quotation Management Software

A quotation which is also referred to as a quote is basically a document that you provide to potential clients for informing them about the schedule and pricing of your business offerings. Quotation Software automates the generation of quotations so you can respond more quickly to all your clients. Businesses irrespective of their size have started to embrace quoting software systems because they offer many benefits. They can prepare and send automated quotes to customers in a short period of time, win business deals and many more.

Features of quoting software:

High-quality quotation software includes many features, for instance, email marketing, product catalogue, renewal management, proposal generation, multi-currency support, etc. Read on to know about the most useful features that are offered by some of the best quotation software—

  • Data Archiving: One of the most significant features of quoting software is that it comes with backup features. This feature enables you to archive necessary data for future use.
  • Contact Management: Contact management is a key feature of some of the best online quote systems. It allows you to add customer details so you can generate quotations with the help of these details.
  • Edit Options: A premium and trusted quotation software includes edit options that allow you to correct errors in your quotations or create a new quotation with the required modifications.
  • Reporting Features: You can view detailed sales or quotation reports using the reporting feature. You can search for specific reports easily because all reports are stored date-wise in one particular location. Online quote software provides quick search results for quotes that may date back many years. The software allows you to keep track of the quotations that have been sent and can see if your clients have viewed them or not. A powerful quotation tool can also export quotes to other supported formats.
  • Third-party Application Integration: Integration with third-party software such as CRM software, accounting software, and other software is also possible with the help of quote creator software. This allows for faster data entry and streamlines the work process.
  • Sales Management: The sales management module allows you to easily manage your customers, sales reps, proposals, and quotes from a single dashboard.
  • Cost Estimation: Lastly, Quote software can also be used as a cost estimator. The robust calculation feature that it offers allows you to make complex calculations quickly and easily.

Benefits of quotation management software:

A quotation management software offers many advantages as compared to quotes that are manually configured. Some of the most well-known benefits of this software are listed here—

  • Simplicity: You can generate quotes for clients automatically with the help of quotation management software. This software reduces the risk of unexpected delays and simplifies the entire process of generating quotes. The most premium quotation tools are simple to use as well as easy to install.
  • Improves your brand image: Quotation software not only makes your business more professional, but also provides speed, consistency, and precision to it. To stay competitive in today’s market, you must make use of modern technologies. Software for quoting generates professional quotes and customizable reports which help build trust in your brand.

These are just a few of the many benefits of a quotation management system for businesses. Automated sales quoting software is a great option in case your company is aiming towards increasing its profitability or you want to increase your productivity. Good quotation-making software will not only help streamline your business but can also increase your productivity.


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