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Frequent ways Migrate Outlook for Mac to Office 365 with ease

Mr. Osi discusses his recommended practices for migrating Outlook for Mac to Office 365. He looked for and found a straightforward way to upload OLM files to Office 365.

Mr. Osi stated, “I understand how critical it is to execute desktop to cloud transformation.” I realize the main problem and the requirement to complete the OLM to O365 migration procedure. I’ve been in an identical data migration position before.

Looking for a Way to Upload OLM to Office 365?

To manage all data migration, finding the correct solution is critical. I started reading forums in the hopes of finding a solution. While browsing the boards, I came across various difficulties raised by users, including:

  • It increased my faith that there were many other users looking for a similar answer. With renewed vigor, I proceeded to investigate and, eventually, discovered BitRecover’s answer in one of the forum posts.
    I came into OLM Converter, which is a fantastic program. It provided a number of capabilities and a straightforward method for migrating data from Outlook for Mac to Office 365.
  • Then, to learn more about the utility, I decided to contact its technical assistance directly. Technical assistance was quite helpful, and I was assured that I could trial the utility before investing. I inquired as to how. Then he told me that the software comes with a demo version that allows me to test out all of the features.
  • I purchased the full edition of the software after trying the free demo and it simply assisted me in migrating OLM to Office 365.

See How to Migrate Outlook for Mac to Office 365 Account for more information.

Step 1: Download and install the OLM to Office 365 import program on your system.

Step 2: To relocate an unlimited number of.olm files, simply select one of the options from the Select file or Select folder menus.

Step 3: The app will display your file location after loading data files from the saved file path. To import OLM to Office 365, click Next.

Step4: The program will display all OLM items; select the desired folders to migrate from .olm to MS Office 365 and click Next.

Step5: From the list of options, select Office 365 as a saving option.

Step 6: In the application panel, enter your Office 365 credentials. To continue, click the Next button.

Step 7: The process of converting OLM files to Office 365 has begun.

Step 8: After the migration procedure is completed, the OLM to Office 365 conversion application will open the desired folder, where you can freely access your Resultant Data.


To conclude my topic of discussion, I’d just like to add that I never imagined data migrating could be that straightforward, and it’s all because of Data Help. It’s critical to use the appropriate tool at the appropriate time. In the preceding article, we discussed the most common way for importing Outlook for Mac to Office 365 accounts.

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