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Healthy Tips to Follow for that Post Festive Beauty Regime

With Diwali finally over, the festive season has officially ended and so has the season full of eating sweets and dressing up fancy. The amazing festive season is full of preparations and shopping for clothes and gifts and amidst all this chaos, one thing that follows along is the stress that takes a toll on our skin. All the dust due to cleanliness and pollution due to fireworks lead to skin being exposed to a lot of dirt and pollutants. Our skin goes through a lot from eating unhealthy to wearing makeup daily and standing near crackers and smoke.

While we are too busy enjoying gala time with friends and families, we end up neglecting our skincare regime while enjoying the festival to the fullest. Now that Diwali has ended, your skin may be yearning for relief. If you are sailing in the same boat then here’s some help of beauty accessories online that you can buy to bring that glow back on your skin.

Skin Care Guide to Detox Post-Festive Season

Scrub the Makeup OffMakeup Off

First and foremost, begin with getting off the heap of makeup from the Diwali party to avoid clogged pores. Get a gentle liquid cleanser and use face cleansing pad to clean all the gunk, dirt, and germs from the face. However, if you glammed up a bit fancy on Diwali, you need a beauty tool better than a cleanser for thorough cleansing. A scrub or a facial cleansing tool will help better to clean the clogged pores, multiple layers of makeup and the dust and smoke settled on the skin surface. Using these beauty alternatives will leave the skin smooth, soft, and nourished post-cleansing.

Cut Down on Sugar

Cut Down on Sugar

What’s Diwali without mouthwatering desserts and sweets? Festivals in India are incomplete without the sumptuous spread of sweets; however, in the festive spirit we end up binging more sweets to devour the celebrations. And if you have indulged in too much mithai this Diwali and already dreading those pimples then go for complete detoxification for the next few days by cutting down on your sugar intake. Our bodies need time to recover from the overconsumption of sweets hence try to avoid food items like bakery, chocolates, or pastries and try healthier versions like fruits.

Spoil Your Skin with a Face Massage 

Face Massage

The skin is in its healthiest phase when you take a break from excessive makeup. As you return to your basic cleansing, toning and moisturizing, make sure to devote extra few minutes to face massaging. Follow the CTM routine in the morning and evening daily and once a week, use a face roller that does much more than just relax your skin after a fully-fledged skincare regime. If you are using face oils and serums, then instead of massaging the face using the hands, these face accessories and tools help in better and deeper absorption of the product in the skin. In addition to this, rolling it across the skin tightens the muscles and minimizes facial puffiness.

Hydrate Your Skin 

Overeating oily food and sweets is by far the most problematic thing our skin pays for. And the most natural way to get through this issue is to drink enough water to flush out all the toxins from the body and keep your digestive system clean. Not taking enough water can make the skin look dull and the lips chapped. Thus, to rejuvenate skin start with taking baby steps and drinking at least 4-5 glasses of water daily. With time, gradually increase the daily intake and for proper hydration, you can add lemon and honey for taste. This will also help in losing weight without stepping out of the home.

DIY Face Mask 

Decking up for the festive season along with the preparations can be a stressful affair. But it is more important to not let the stress of festivities affect the post-Diwali glow. Hence another foundation for flawless and youthful skin is a DIY face mask that leads to perfect-looking skin. The homemade remedy is the best way to get back on track with your skincare regime. When the skin becomes pale and dry due to Diwali, apply a face mask using ingredients available at home to provide much-needed moisture to the dull skin. You can also take steam to clear up the skin’s pores and avoid acne.

Once the festive season gets over, we hit reality check with the aftermath of late-night card parties, unhealthy food choices, and layers of makeup. Using this beauty guide and beauty accessories, you can detox your skin and get a well-deserved break after the festive shenanigans.

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