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Friday, February 23, 2024

Investment Banking: What It Is, What Investment Bankers Do

The research teams typically offer crucial consulting and strategy services. Underwriting is the process of raising capital through selling stocks or bonds to investors (e.g., an initial public offering IPO) on behalf of corporations or other entities. Businesses need money to operate and grow their businesses, and the bankers help them get that money by marketing the company to investors. Investment banking is significant because the services it provides are essential to the economy. Because of the merger and acquisition services they offer, organizations can grow globally.

  1. The process is very formatting intensive, attention to detail is critical, and many analysts find this part of the job to be the most mundane and frustrating.
  2. This includes underwriting new debt and equity securities, aiding in the sale of securities, and helping to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, and broker trades.
  3. It is important to note that there are many smaller firms, often called mid-market banks, and boutique investment banks that make up a very large part of the market.
  4. However, school leavers can undertake study for foundation-level qualifications with a professional body such as the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI), and then work up to higher qualifications.
  5. An investment banker raises capital in the public markets, runs private equity and debt capital placements, and conducts merger and acquisition (M&A) deals.

Operations professionals deal with everyone from traders to auditors to investment bankers and need to describe complex processes in simple terms. They also deal extensively with other control functions, including compliance, credit, market risk, and technology. Similarly, investment banking operations jobs help with the running of the M&A and capital markets functions.

There is a very high chance you will be bombarded by recruiter calls a few months into your tenure. Private equity, hedge funds, and corporates all have a need for investment banking talent. In the spring, several businesses also offer shorter internships, which you can often apply for during your first year of study.

Investment Banking Director Job Description

Twenty years’ ago, clearing and settlements involved a labour-intensive process of form filling and huge filing systems. Now, of course, technology has largely taken over this process and central clearing platforms like Euroclear and Clearstream hold the securities in electronic format and transfer them from one owner to another. There are also options to move into project management or into a specialist role such as IT or HR. You can also check the national and financial press, such as the Financial Times, Guardian Jobs and The Times Jobs, as well as websites of individual banks. London and New York have dominated financial employment in the last few decades, but increased growth in emerging markets such as Russia and China have led to other financial centres growing around the world. It is advisable to apply as soon as possible as they often interview before the closing date is reached, and recruit on an on-going basis.

Others become specialists in a particular aspect of the operations process like settlement, clearance or project management. Some move into the front office in areas like sales and trading (although this can be a tough move to make). In addition, you’ll want to check out our example of real interview questions from an investment bank. In preparing for your interview it also helps to take courses on financial modeling and valuation. Brought to you by the company that works directly with the world’s top investment banks and PE firms.

Underwriting Services in Investment Banking

Settlements, meanwhile, means ensuring that the securities bought and sold by the banks’ traders are exchanged for the right amount of money. This covers everything from preparing the documentation for a sale to making sure the bank has been paid for the shares it has bought or sold. This may also be true, but you should avoid saying anything about ultimately wanting to get into private equity or hedge funds and thinking that IB is a great way to get here. Even though the money is most likely a huge motivation for you, it’s not a good idea to say that you’re motivated by how much money bankers make.

Investment Banking Overview

Some banks call certain investment banker positions different names or have added levels of hierarchy. For example, sometimes banks separate Senior Vice President from Vice President. Other times, Director is split up into Director and Executive Director (more senior). However, regardless of the names, the general job functions of each relative position tend to be consistent bank to bank. Our IB interview course has an immense library of questions and proven answers to help you ace that interview.


Salaries in operations do not reach the levels of the revenue-generating front office roles, such as trading, but still remain high. Most of what bankers work on is top secret until it’s publicly announced, and when it is finally announced, then it’s usually on the front page of the business section. If you say something to this effect, it will likely stroke the ego of the interviewer, and it expresses a pretty compelling reason to go into the industry. Securities operations teams support a wide variety of products ranging from very complex, highly structured derivatives transactions to more plain vanilla trades.

It definitely requires a solid amount of networking with people in the field, and you also have to have a very good idea of the opportunities in the local market you are targeting. By anticipating such needs, Managing Directors can start crafting appropriate pitches early-on to clients with the aim of turning these pitches into live deals. It gives you a chance to feel how your clients feel as you try to win their business. You left the interviewer ‘bait.’ Now they will ask, “Oh really? So what hours do you expect?” So you simply answer 80 low-end and 100+ if a lot is going on. Anyone who’s said anything about ‘CEOs, executives, clients, management teams, and (cringe) the C-suite’ are immediate ‘this kid doesn’t know what we/he will do here’ dings.

The front office generates business for the bank, and operations ensure that the business is administered in an efficient, controlled, risk-free and timely manner. You’ll ensure that products, services and money change hands how and when they’re supposed to and that each transaction is cleared, settled and reconciled according to regulatory requirements. Investment banking offers the opportunity to become an expert at building large, complex financial models at the earliest stage of your career. While bankers aren’t necessarily great investors, they do spend a lot of time on valuation work, and this can be an excellent way to start your career.

Before you apply for an investment banking role, consider your answer to the question “Why investment banking? ” a question posed at the beginning of many interviews for careers in investment banking. If you are unsure how to verbalize your answer to this question—especially if your main motivation is a higher salary or a career at a prestigious institution—consider highlighting some of these qualities if they describe you well.

Job Guarantee Courses

Outside of that, you can also get in if you’re working full-time in a related field, such as valuation at a Big 4 firm or corporate banking. If you’re on a graduate development programme you’ll undergo a structured set of training courses and coaching sessions to develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to become a manager, typically over a two-year period. Yes, new bankers have to do a lot of truly mundane things (like print and bind pitchbooks, make word why work in operations investment banking edits, etc.), but they also get to learn one of the most sought-after skills in finance. Over 1.8 million professionals use CFI to learn accounting, financial analysis, modeling and more. Start with a free account to explore 20+ always-free courses and hundreds of finance templates and cheat sheets. There are always opportunities just be aware that you are likely to be more senior/have more work experience than many of your colleagues (and maybe even your boss!).

However, school leavers can undertake study for foundation-level qualifications with a professional body such as the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI), and then work up to higher qualifications. This does not guarantee an operations job, but it does demonstrate a high level of commitment and employers may look favourably on this, though it can take several years to become sufficiently qualified. Investment banking provides high levels of responsibility, good promotional opportunities and decent financial rewards. Operations coordinators play a critical role in coordinating and managing various operational activities, such as client onboarding, documentation, and regulatory compliance.

Investment banking is the division of a bank or financial institution that serves governments, corporations, and institutions by providing underwriting (capital raising) and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory services. Investment banks act as intermediaries between investors (who have money to invest) and corporations (who require capital to grow and run their businesses). This guide will cover what investment banking is and what investment bankers actually do. In an initial public offering (IPO), often known as a stock launch, a company’s shares are sold to institutional investors, as well as typically to retail (individual) investors.

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