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Learn Quran with Tajweed Course from Reputed Online Academy

You can be confident that you’ll receive the highest quality Quranic education from online Quran Live Academy! Quran Tajweed courses are accessible through our site.

Participants who’ve taken Qurani Qaida and Nazra-e-Quran will be more inclined to enrol in this course than students who haven’t. Many people have had difficulty to get out of their homes and go to the close Madrassah because of the lockdown of COVID-19. Instead of visiting an actual location, we offer our online Quran learning system accessible from the comfort of you at home. Access our Online Tajweed classes from anywhere and from any device anytime.

Find out about the benefits of enrolling in Online Quran LiveTajweed online course.

Why should you Choose us?

This is the essence of it! What is the reason you should learn how to read Quran online from us instead of somewhere and elsewhere? Many factors affect the level of your happiness. Let’s get started!

Learn Through our Website

The online Quran lessons are accessible to students across the world. Our Tajweed lectures are able to be listened to on computers, laptops tablet, smartphone, or with a microphone and speakers.

Online Tajweed classes are available

Our online Quran Class lessons are fully interactive and utilize both traditional and modern methods for teaching the Quran. Our videos are high definition and have crystal clear audio. Our goal is to make online Quran Tajweed classes that keep you entertained throughout.

Quran instructor

Online Quran Liveacademy has an expert Quran instructor who will lead this class. Our Teacher will explain the principles that comprise Tajweed along with how best to incorporate them into practice. Your Quran teaching style and recitation will be awe-inspiring for your students and they’ll be able to be able to remember you for an extended period of time.

Professional Quran Teacher

With Tajweed Our Muslim sisters are now able to learn the Quran at the ease at their home. To help women learn about Tajweed, we have created free Tajweed classes on the internet. Online Quran Live Academy, Quran teacher who has taught in the online format and certified in Tajweed. Our Teacher has more than ten years of expertise. She is also very kind and helpful to students of the school.

Trial completely free

Trial for online courses is offered at the Online Quran Live, which provides more than five courses. The website is on the other hand offers free trial online Quran Tajweed classes. The cost of the lessons does not affect what is the content of lecture. What we are trying to convey through Allah is what we’re trying to convey.

Requirements for an Online Tajweed Course

There are 24 lessons in the Online Tajweed Quran course. The each Tajweed principle and usage in different verses are explained with great detail during each lecture. We’ve also included separate classes on some of the most important surahs that you can practice with. Then, you’ll take an exam and test to determine how you’ve progressed. After you’ve reviewed your work.

What is covered in the online Tajweed classes?

By joining Tajweed Classes, your Quran recitation will improve. Tajweed Rules of Quran can be more thorough in the Quranic verses, rather more than a memorizing or reading class. That implies that a Muslim keen on the various fundamentals of the Quran including its historical context and interpretation, as well as its applicationis required to know Tajweed Quran in detail. We are aware this because the Quran was made available to the world by Allah not just to be read, but is to be meditated and reflected upon.

Every Muslim must reach an individual conclusion regarding the lessons of Quran and how they can be utilized to his or her own life. Without an understanding of Quran along with Tajweed the knowledge about the Quran is a shallow understanding.

1- Introduction and Significance of Tajweed

2- Virtues of the Quran

3- Ta’awwudh&Tasmiyah

4- The 17 Makharij

5- How to find the Makhraj of a Letter

6- The Seven full mouth Letters

7- Rule of the Letter Alif &Raa

8- Echo Letters QALQALAH

9- Revision

10- Examination

Final Words

Our main aim is to impart the message of Allah into the hearts of the people so that they can be successful in this life and in the future. We demand complete concentration from our students in our Online Quran Live Academy. We are confident that you will master Tajweed at the time you finish the course.

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