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Sunday, February 25, 2024

More About torques jal natural drinking water supplier

Torquesjal Pvt. Ltd. | Natural Mineral Water Manufacturer Company in IndiaDrinking unfiltered tap water in places where the quality of water is not great can harm our health. Staying hydrated is at the core of a healthy lifestyle. Drinking water is crucial to anyone’s vitality, productivity, and appearance. But in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle we need to invest time and money into the water we consume to avoid getting sick from consuming dirty or unfiltered water. Some of the disadvantages of consuming tap water directly have been listed below to highlight the importance of investing in torques jal natural drinking water suppliers.

  1. A high and unknown amount of bacteria – Unfiltered tap water, in some regions around the world, contains dangerous bacteria and parasites that can cause havoc on your system. Non-purified water can contain hundreds of contaminating agents, which can cause several diseases ranging in variety and fatality. Although municipal filters should reduce the number of harmful contaminants, using a water filter can ensure even greater safety and water quality. One must focus that a water purifier requires electricity and is not a cheap product. If you are low on budget, it is best to invest in packaged drinking water bottles as they are much cheaper as compared to other alternatives.
  2. Infestation of pesticides and Lead, including other metals – Tap water can contain many contaminants, including lead, mercury, pesticides, and other chemicals which are released by industries and farms directly into water bodies that supply to our homes. These can also come from the old plumbing pipes and cause health problems. These metals are very dangerous for pregnant women and young children and can even cause deformities in the body.
  3. Unfiltered taste and added minerals – Tap water often contains trace amounts of chlorine, which do not taste nor smell as pure and clean as filtered drinking water. It can be a problem if a person consumes large amounts of such chemicals, and they can cause harm to health.
  4. Bottled water has a better flavor to it. One of the primary reasons why many consumers purchase bottled water from torques jal natural mineral water manufacturers over water from the tap is because of the flavor profile they receive. Some tap water can receive high chlorination levels to ensure that it is safe to use, which can leave a funny taste and a smell when pouring yourself a glass to drink. Most commercial products do not have this concern.


Bottles of water from torques jal natural drinking water supplier and torques jal natural mineral water manufacturers are not only beneficial for our health but also inexpensive and provide convenience over tap water or the need to carry around a water bottle. Bottled water proves to be of great use when traveling over distances or to new regions as it might take some time for our bodies to get adjusted to the tap water available in that region.


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