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Oatly IPO: How Swedish oat milk became popular in U S.

what is oatly

As more people seek alternatives to dairy milk, Oatly has become a leading player in the market, offering a viable option for those looking for a dairy-free milk alternative. Oatly knew persuading U.S. consumers to try, let alone buy, a new product would be a challenge, U.S. general manager Mike Messersmith told CNBC Make It. So as a way to introduce the plant-based milk to the U.S., Oatly sent representatives to high-end coffee shops in New York City to share the product with local baristas in person. Then the baristas could recommend and use oat milk with customers.

In 2012, who expected it to become one of the most important contributors to a supercharged plant-based movement that is radically changing our relationship to food and the planet ? But now, following Oatly’s first major recall and a turning of the tide of popular opinion, the oat milk backlash has arrived. Overall, Oatly’s unique combination of taste, sustainability, and transparency has contributed to its remarkable success in the market. As more individuals embrace plant-based lifestyles, Oatly continues to be a top choice for those seeking a delicious and environmentally conscious alternative to dairy milk. Another aspect that makes Oatly unique is its commitment to sustainability. The company takes pride in its environmentally friendly practices throughout the entire production process.

what is oatly

Plant-based drinks don’t taste anything like cow’s milk,” is a real comment by a real person. “Plant-based drinks don’t taste like cow’s milk because they aren’t cow’s milk,” if you stop to think about it for more than a second, would be the simple and highly logical response. On the other hand, if you ask someone who only drinks oat drink how they think cow’s milk tastes, he or she will probably say “unpleasant” or we mean, “unusual.” Of course. Oatly has gained significant traction in the market due to its marketing campaigns that promote it as a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional dairy milk. It has become a go-to choice for many individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint or adopt a plant-based lifestyle.

Oatly Responds in Defense of its Ingredients

In addition to being a delicious alternative to dairy milk, Oatly is packed with essential nutrients that promote overall health and well-being. Today, oat milk is the second largest dairy alternative following almond milk. Plant-based milk accounts for 15% of all dollar sales for retail milk, according to market research from the Good Food Institute. Oatly oatmilk is a vegan, plant-based milk alternative made from gluten-free oats.

what is oatly

That said, as part of our sustainability commitments, we’re designing new partnerships with farmers and millers to incentivize a food system shift towards more regenerative agriculture. You can read more about our ambitions to drive a food system shift and support more sustainable methods of oat production here. And in the meantime, you might like to know that our North American products are certified glyphosate residue free and Non-GMO Project Verified. In conclusion, Oatly offers a range of potential benefits, from its nutritional value to its positive environmental impact. At the same time, it is essential to consider the concerns raised by critics, such as the controversial ingredients and the sustainability claims. Ultimately, the decision to consume Oatly or any other plant-based milk substitute comes down to personal choice and aligning with your own values and health objectives.

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Depending on your budget, this price discrepancy may impact your decision to incorporate Oatly into your daily routine. We’re always looking for ways to reduce the climate impact of our packaging trade99 review (along with the good stuff inside that packaging, of course). However, our ultimate goal is to use fully recyclable packaging that’s also made from fully recycled or renewable materials.

  1. People called it one of the worst Super Bowl ads of all time, but the company seems to have enjoyed the bad press.
  2. Anybody following Oatly on social media will tell you that it’s good vibes all around.
  3. Oatly has been a small Swedish company and a popular Swedish brand with a large international fan base for decades.
  4. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post analyzing the ingredients in Oatly to determine whether it’s a healthy plant-based milk alternative.

We’re happy to say it’s updated with new cafe partners all the time. Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

In really amazing news, our frozen dessert cartons are now 97% bio-based. They feature a new type of paperboard with a bio-based plastic coating made from sugarcane. This paperboard is xm group review also made from 100% recycled material that’s certified by SFI (the Sustainable Forestry Initiative), meaning the trees that were used to make it came from responsibly managed forests.


It is important to note that rapeseed oil, also known as canola oil, has been a topic of debate in the food industry. While it is a common ingredient in many processed foods, some health experts raise concerns about its high omega-6 fatty acid content and potential adverse effects on cardiovascular health when consumed in excess. The inclusion of rapeseed oil in Oatly may be a point of consideration for those who are specifically seeking a milk substitute with minimal or no added oils. Aside from its nutritional and environmental benefits, Oatly is also celebrated for its delightful taste and texture.

Oatly’s popularity and success have paved the way for the rise of other oat-based milk substitutes. As consumer demand for plant-based alternatives continues to grow, we can expect further innovation and improvements in the oat milk industry. It is an exciting time for individuals seeking dairy-free alternatives, with new products constantly appearing on the market. One of the primary concerns raised by critics is the presence of controversial ingredients in Oatly.

Actually—and this is not something that we spend a lot of time claiming—it was our original idea in the early 1990s to create a plant-based drink that was in tune with the needs of both humans and the planet. Today we continue to make the most amazing liquid oats that you will find anywhere. Despite Oatly’s claims of being environmentally friendly, some critics question whether it lives up to its sustainability image. There are concerns that the company’s rapid growth may lead to increased demand for oats, potentially resulting in deforestation or monoculture farming practices.

The Swedish oat milk giant saw sales increase by 212% during the pandemic, and earlier this year, the company filed for a potentially massive IPO, with a likely valuation of more than $5 billion. Now Oatly is seeing shortages caused by surging orders from Starbucks, which oanda forex broker review added the brand to its coffeeshops in March, after previously just seeing shortages for being cool—a very good problem to have. It’s the rare milk alternative that seems to have crossed over from vegans and the lactose intolerant to the broader beverage-drinking public.

They include added Vitamin D (a very important nutrient), but use the less effective Vitamin D2 in place of Vitamin D3. Your skin produces Vitamin D3 naturally; in contrast, Vitamin D2 is produced by plants and mushrooms exposed to sunlight. Although supplemental Vitamin D3 is nearly twice as effective as Vitamin D2 at raising Vitamin D levels in your blood [10, 11], Oatly has decided to opt for the less expensive D2, presumably to keep it 100% vegan. Additionally, acidity regulators, such as dipotassium phosphate and calcium carbonate, are added to Oatly to achieve the desired pH level and enhance the taste. However, some critics argue that these additives may affect the natural flavors of the oats and potentially compromise the nutritional value of the product. While they are generally recognized as safe by regulatory authorities, individuals with specific dietary concerns or preferences may find these ingredients less desirable.

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