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11 Helpful Tips to Negotiate with Packers and Movers

Nowadays, moving your house affordably is extremely difficult. Most packers and movers charge high for their moving services. So, most people find it hard to afford professional packing and moving services. Some moving companies quote random charges for the move. This price is too high for the people, so they don’t have any other option but to go for a DIY move. But, availing moving services affordably is possible if you use your negotiation skills in the best way.

The professional packers and movers consider several factors to estimate the price of a particular relocation service. You can negotiate the moving prices after considering these factors. If you use your negotiation skills in a better way, you can easily get the moving services at better prices.

Here are the best ways to negotiate smartly with your packers and movers:-

1.Comparison of the Moving Estimates

It is best to compare the quotes of the different moving companies. This way you will know which company is quoting the best prices for moving your goods. Also, you will get to know the difference in the prices between different moving companies. Once you know the price difference of the companies, you can request your preferred company to lower their moving prices. This will provide you with a reason to negotiate with your packers and movers.

2.Perform a Background Research

You must do background research on the companies before negotiating the moving prices with them. You can go through their reviews and also get information about their services. It is also best to check the price range of these companies. You can also know the moving charges they have quoted in the past. Based on this knowledge, you can start negotiating with them. If you sound logical to them, they will surely lower the moving prices for you.

3.Use the Best Negotiation Skills

If you have great negotiation skills, it is easy for you to negotiate with your movers and packers. However, you should be logical and to the point while bargaining with your movers. Make sure to put your point effectively. This’ll help you in properly negotiating with your movers.

4.Find a Good Company and Negotiate with it

It is best to choose a good company and then negotiate the packers and movers charges with them. Make sure to opt for the best deal and then try to get the services at the best prices. Don’t forget to choose reliable moving companies. Many people search for the companies that offer their services at the lowest prices. However, this is a trap.

They quote you unbelievably low prices for their services just to trap you. These movers force you to pay hidden charges later. So, it would be best to find a reliable moving company and then negotiate the moving charges with them.

5.Prepare a Good List of Items

You should always prepare a good list of the items you are moving to other destinations. Also, make sure to check your list again. It is best to look for affordable moving services. So, you should make a simple list of your items to cut your moving costs. It is best to declutter your items before making your list. If you have a simple list of your belongings, then you can bargain with the movers effectively.

6.Share your Budget Limit with the Movers

It is best to get a pre-move survey done for the moving costs. This will let you know how much you will have to spend on your move. You must also share your budget with your movers. This will make the movers understand your budget limit. Also, if they are aware of the budget, they will offer you the lowest charges to move your goods.

You might get a good discount from them. In this case, you will have to cut your moving costs to a great extent.

7.Share the Moving Quote of other Companies

If you want to negotiate with your movers and packers, you must share the quote of its competitor companies. Tell them that these companies are offering low quotes for their moving services. This is a good negotiating skill for you.

Once you share the shifting prices of other companies, your moving company will re-check their rates. So, there are high chances of getting a new moving price from your chosen mover. Your company might provide you additional discounts on your moving services after knowing the prices of their competitors. This will make your moving services affordable to you.

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8.Moving in Off-season

Moving in the off-season can be another way to get a good deal from your mover. Make sure to communicate with your mover. Tell them that you are planning to move in the off-season. Also, tell them you will need a good discount on your move as you are shifting in the off-season.

Winter is the off-season in the moving industry. During this time, you can hope to get better prices for your moving services.

9.Sort out your Belongings

It is best to lighten your load. You can do this by making a small consignment for yourself. When you have a small consignment, you can get a good discount from your movers. You can negotiate with them by telling them that you only have a small consignment to move to your destination. So, they won’t have any problem in shifting your goods to your destination.

Make sure to remove heavy things from your list. This will make it easy for the movers to load and unload these items.

If you are moving light items with you, then the movers might give you some discounts for your move.

10.Go for Flexible Timings

If you want to move at a certain time, your mover will charge high for that. So, it is best to go for the flexible timings. This will help you in getting good discounts from the movers.

11.Choose to Avail only Extra Services

It would be good if you choose to avail only necessary services from the movers. The movers offer you a variety of services. However, you should know which services you’ll need for your move. If you opt for only necessary services, you might get good discounts from the moving companies.


The above tips are extremely helpful in negotiating the packers and movers charges from your mover. If you follow these tips carefully, you’ll get affordable moving services from your movers.

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