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How Can You Leverage Unified Communications for Business Success?

With the fast-paced world of technology we live in, businesses need to adapt to the latest communication technologies as well. Traditional and PBX communication platforms are no longer feasible to serve the communication requirements of a modern-day business. Regardless of the size of a business, the platform chosen by it for communication matters the most in building its success.

Unified communications are the answer to solving almost all the issues faced by businesses in the current market scenario. It allows businesses to build an efficient and lasting communication channel within employee teams, with middle and top management, customers, and external organisations. Sharing files and integrating other business applications in one place work to facilitate better time management for everyone communicating on this platform.

This article is all about explaining what all unified communications have to offer to businesses around the globe irrespective of their size and industry type. Let us begin with understanding what is unified communications solution is.

What is Unified Communications Solution?

A unified communication solution is a technology offering the integration of all enterprise communication channels in one place. These may be voice, video, voicemail, team and personal messaging, content sharing, and so on. This service is usually hosted on the cloud and offers greater flexibility for remote as well as on-site workforces. Availing this type of subscription to unified communications is known as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) or Hosted Unified Communications.

What features does it offer?

Unified communications solution offers the most Avant-grade features useful for making teamwork meaningful and efficient. Some of the features include:

  • Video conferencing
  • Live chat and SMS messaging
  • Screensharing and file sharing
  • Voicemail management
  • Virtual assistants to help with admin tasks
  • Audio conferencing

How Can Your Business Benefit from It?

Businesses must look for solving all their communication requirements with this platform easily. Some examples of the benefits UC and UCaaS can provide its users include:

· Increased Productivity

Unified communications allow for better collaborations between employee teams and reduce the risk for communication gaps. It translates to every employee being provided with enough resources to work on their tasks with useful inputs from their team members. When employees are working collaboratively, an increase in their morale and productivity is sure to follow. They no longer require spending more time asking their doubts. Options such as screen sharing allow employees to clearly communicate their work requirements.

· More Scalability and Agility

You might be planning to scale up or down your business based on some requirements and goals. With unified communications solutions, you can add or remove as many users as you require easily. Hosted unified communications is particularly flexible in any case your business grows, downsizes, relocates, etc. All the business applications can be integrated for new users easily while onboarding new employees.

· Enhanced Reliability

Unified communication platforms offer better reliability than other methods. With Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS), the system is stored on an external server that is unaffected by any minor equipment issues arising in your workplace. Users just require an operational internet connection to access their data. If any equipment fails, another can be used within a few minutes of the minor setup process. For example, if video calls cannot be accessed in Microsoft Teams integration due to a hardware issue, audio calls can be made to complete the exchange of information.

· Improved Customer Service

Serving customers can is one of the essential functions of any business. Keeping customers happy and attending to their queries without wasting any time can be possible with unified communications. Customer calls can be transferred to their required person using automation. Integrated applications allow customer executives to see the call records and service history of every customer. This saves time required to ask the same questions to the customer who might feel unvalued.

· Efficient For Remote Work

Remote working employees need better resources to stay connected than the ones working in offices. After the outbreak of the pandemic, businesses have focused on providing the best communication platform to their remote working employees. This is easily possible with unified communications. Employees can access their voicemails, attend voice or video conferences, collaborate for work on a document, etc. on the go. They just require the software and a running internet connection.

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· Better Security

The right unified communication solution also offers better security compared to traditional communication methods. Supporting multiple access points and integration of different platforms requires robust encryption to secure sensitive data. With user-defined access control, you can also define the access that every level of employees in your organisation will be provided with. It helps avoid data breaches and reduce the risk of cybersecurity threats up to an extent.

· Cost-saving

The cost-efficiency of setting up and using unified communications complements all the above benefits. Opting for Unified communication as a service (UCaaS) you can save on the cost of installation, maintenance, and management. It does so by reducing communication costs and preserving resources. You no longer require the IT support as before and the flexibility to scale up and down when required allows you not to pay for what you do not need.

In The End:

Unified communications have taken businesses one step ahead in achieving the success they deserve. The features offered by this communication integration have made the process of information exchange and access more efficient than ever before. If you do not have this new age communication technology-enabled in your workplace, it is time you invested in it. Contact your nearest communication technology service provider today and see the difference in the morale and work of your staff for yourself.

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