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What color braces are most attractive?

The color of your braces can have a big impact on how your teeth look after the orthodontic process. If you’re considering getting braces and aren’t sure which color will work best with your natural smile, consider power chain braces to brighten your teeth and give you the beautiful smile you deserve. Learn more about the benefits of power chain braces below!

Yellow vs. Clear

Braces come in many colors. And while clear isn’t necessarily a color, it is an option (and one that some people may prefer). But let’s focus on yellow vs. clear for now. At first blush, you might think yellow would win hands down as more attractive than clear. Yellow will make your teeth look whiter and brighter, yes? Not so fast! While yellow does brighten your smile, it doesn’t hide stains well and can sometimes accentuate tooth discoloration or broken teeth—two things you definitely don’t want to highlight with your orthodontic power chain braces! The same holds true for other bright colors like red or green.

Types of Tooth-Colored Braces

Overlay and Inlay. There are two types of tooth-colored braces: overlay and inlay. Overlays cover your teeth with an acrylic cap that can be attached to your natural teeth or bonded over them to change their size, shape, length, or angle. Inlays take a similar approach but use small pieces of plastic instead of one solid covering to make any necessary changes. Overlays tend to be cheaper than inlays, which allow for more design options but come at a higher price tag. In either case, your dentist will choose whichever type is best suited for your teeth.

Choosing the Right Color Scheme

When choosing which color of braces to wear, there’s a lot to consider. Some colors can brighten your teeth while others might make you appear older or duller. To help you find out what’s best for you, here’s an in-depth look at different types of color schemes and what they’re best suited for. To learn more about your smile, click here!

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Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is perhaps one of the best reasons to get colored braces. It can dramatically improve your smile, making it brighter and whiter than ever before. However, be aware that not all whitening treatments are created equal; some work better than others depending on factors like age and tooth type. You should always talk with a dentist before deciding on treatment so that you know what will work best for you specifically (and so that he or she knows what options are available).

One thing to keep in mind is that most dentists won’t give patients full white teeth unless their enamel is healthy enough to handle it—you may need some cosmetic dental work done first if your enamel isn’t good enough for full whitening.

The Latest Trends in Brace Colors

Braces come in several colors these days, from bright pink to deep purple. Although some colors like white or clear may seem a bit boring, it’s best to ask your orthodontist about current trends in the best braces colors before you make a final decision. The chances are good that you can choose a shade of brace that compliments your unique smile instead of washing it out. Talk with your dentist to learn more about all of your options; he or she can also tell you if certain colors will clash with any restorations you might have already received.

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