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What is JavaScript? JavaScript Code Explained in Plain English

They also felt that JavaScript was going to help speed up web development and be easier to learn compared to Java. By using this form you agree that your personal data would be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We have compiled the five best text editors to narrow down your search. Some of the games made with JavaScript game engines include Angry Birds, The Wizard, and 2048. Each JavaScript framework has features that aim to simplify the development and debugging process. It works seamlessly alongside HTML and CSS, complementing CSS in formatting HTML elements while providing user interaction, a capability that CSS alone lacks.

what is javascript

Over the years JavaScript has grown and developed into a versatile language that can be used on the web and mobile applications. Over 3,000 companies and 40% of developers worldwide use HackerRank to hire tech talent and sharpen their skills. For more in-depth information, check our tutorial on how to add JavaScript to your website.

The Power of 3: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

If the JavaScript loaded and tried to run before the HTML and CSS was there to affect, then errors would occur. Microsoft initially participated in the standards process and implemented some proposals in its JScript language, but eventually it stopped collaborating on Ecma work. In November 1996, Netscape submitted JavaScript to Ecma International, as the starting point for a standard specification that all browser vendors could conform to. This led to the official release of the first ECMAScript language specification in June 1997. A web page with no dynamically updating content is referred to as static — it just shows the same content all the time. This content has been made available for informational purposes only.

Underneath all those great animations and autocompletes—there’s some pretty fascinating stuff happening. This guide will break down exactly how JavaScript works and why and how to use it, plus the best ways to learn JavaScript if you’re realizing you need it in your skillset. Create a variable called carName and assign the value Volvo to it. This tutorial supplements all explanations with clarifying “Try it Yourself” examples. This is an example of a HTML challenge from the Responsive Web Design course. If count is 20 or greater, then this is the message displayed to the screen.

Client-side vs. Server-side JavaScript

While it caters to web-based programs the most, JavaScript programming features have other implementations in different areas. Placeholders make your functions reusable such that different values at different times can be passed to the functions to use the same logic. The code block uses those placeholders to find the average, and the return keyword returns python for javascript developers the average from the function. As you’ll notice in findAverage’s declaration, we have n1, n2, n3 in the parentheses. These are parameters, which serve as placeholders for values that would be provided when the function is to be called. They hold values such that when the variables are used, JavaScript uses the value they represent for that operation.

The built-in HTTP module allows you to develop a basic HTTP server that displays plain text when users access a web page. You can use either the Node.js own web server, Node-OS, or third-party ones like Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Apache to handle the HTTP requests. Through Node.js, JavaScript lets developers build web servers and back-end infrastructure, saving you time and effort in web server creation. Meanwhile, mobile application development frameworks such as Cordova and Titanium make it possible to create native or hybrid applications.

Advanced Functions

It achieves this by manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM), which represents the structure and content of a webpage, in real time. JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a high-level, interpreted programming language renowned for its versatility, interactivity, and wide adoption. It was created in 1995 — in just 10 days — by then-Netscape programmer Brendan Eich, with the aim of bringing interactivity to web pages. Over the years, JavaScript has evolved into a powerful language that is used not only on the client side for web development but also on the server side as well as a number of other applications. C# – an object-oriented language for building applications that run within the .NET ecosystem.

  • Java is primarily used as a server side language whereas JavaScript is used in the browser.
  • Designed to be easy to use, Java is simpler to write and makes it easier to compile, debug and learn than other languages.
  • The aim is to prevent an evil webpage from accessing private information or harming the user’s data.
  • Programming languages are technically just doing complicated math very, very quickly.

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