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Friday, February 23, 2024

What is PoSH Law and why is it necessary?

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Work (PoSH) Act is a federal law that protects women against sexual harassment at work. The purpose of this legislation is to give women with a pleasant and familiar working environment by protecting them from any conduct that makes them feel uncomfortable and resolving their complaints against any kind of activity that threatens their dignity and freedom to life.

The protection of women’s fundamental rights is ensured by the PoSH Law. A danger of sexual harassment exists for female employees in the business sector, and the Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment Act (PoSH Act) is intended to reduce this fear element.

PoSH Training

It is essential that all association representatives, administrators, and chiefs get sexual harassment training under the auspices of the POSH training India in order to provide a safe and impartial workplace. For example, sexual harassment is not limited to its most obvious manifestations, such as making indecent approaches, but may take many forms. It might also include uncomfortable verbal or physical behavior that creates an unsettling work environment. It is also not limited to the confines of the office space but may extend beyond the four walls of the building.

Your ability to discriminate between a comfortable and an unpleasant working environment is enhanced by PoSH training techniques. During the course, you will learn how to identify sexual harassment at work and the penalties of doing so under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Act of 2000.

Ideally, the training sessions should be carried out using all available methods. Companies may conduct the sessions in a variety of formats, including online and offline modes, video courses, and face-to-face workshops, among others.

It is necessary to have POSH training for employees to do the following:

  • Become familiar with the material lawful structure and best practices at work so that all representatives may do their duties effectively.
  • Because of the inherent concept of intensity contrasts, make administrators more sensitive to sex fairness.
  • Internal Committee (IC) members should be educated on the most effective methods of dealing with complaints and resolving conflicts.

Sexual Harassment:- Harassment in the workplace –You may be uncomfortable during lunch if you get text messages or physical contact. What if raising your voice in the face of such harassment puts your job at risk?”

These are just a few of the often asked questions that reps are either unaware of or are too embarrassed to even address. Additionally, organizations lack the necessary training and processes to ensure the prevention of sexual harassment against women in the workplace.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the workplace is described as

In the Act, the term “workplace” refers to any office, association, or undertaking that is claimed, controlled or overseen by the administration, as well as any private division association or any private endeavor, undertaking, venture, or organization that is not part of the administration.

The Act applies to any and all locations visited by the representative during the course of the business, including transportation costs. Indeed, under the legislation, even non-traditional working conditions, such as working from home or in virtual spaces, are protected. This Act is for any woman who have been bugged in the course of her employment in any setting at any level. That the woman is employed in the place of employment where she is dissatisfied is immaterial. Offices in any sector, whether public or commercial, may serve as a working environment for everyone.

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