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How to finally find your signature fragrance

The concept of a signature fragrance is very simple. It is that one scent that describes you in a whiff. It can be fruity or exotic, playful or intense depending on the kind of notes and accords you choose in your perfume. Things like your personality and your choice of scent notes can help in deciding your signature fragrance. If you are still waiting to chance upon the one, true perfume for you, there are some easy tips and tricks. Being sure of your preferences and taking your time can help a lot in your hunt for your perfect match in a sea of women’s fragrances.

Smelling good can be an integral part of having a great day. When you have the right perfume on you, there is bound to be an air of confidence and aura about you. However, the market out there is brimming with different types of women’s fragrances. So when it comes to zeroing in on the perfect match for you, the task can seem a little daunting. However, with a few simple tips and tricks, you will be well on your way to picking out your signature fragrance.

Know the basics

When you are ready to go perfume shopping, make sure to do your research before stepping out. Although it might seem deceivingly simple, the art of perfume can be incredibly complex. Today, thanks to the advent of the internet, you can even buy perfume online Singapore. Be it offline or online, read up on the basics of perfumes. Be aware of the kind of top notes, middle notes, and base notes that can be used to make perfume. Knowing the difference between floral, fresh, woody, and Oriental perfumes can help you choose the right one out of all the women’s fragrances.

Do not get frustrated

Choosing a signature fragrance is a big commitment. It is the smell you would want to be associated with for potentially a long period. So, it is important to take your time and make the decision carefully. Give yourself the opportunity to test out multiple women’s fragrances before you take a decision. To avoid creating a sensory overload on your nose, it is advisable to test out only two to three perfumes in a day. If you do not find something you like, you can always come back another day. The key is to not get frustrated and keep looking for the right fit for you. If outlet shopping gets too taxing for you, you can choose to buy perfume online Singapore.

Move from light to strong

A lot of people make the rookie mistake of testing out a very intense fragrance right off the bat. This can overthrow your sensory perception from the get-go. From there on out, it will be difficult for you to judge any lighter and subtler perfumes for the day. Hence, always make it a point to start testing out lighter fragrances. Once you have tested out a few, you can build on them and move on to smelling stronger fragrances. Always remember to test out the perfume on your skin and take in the scent only after it is dried out to get the full effect.

Take your daily life into account

 It is important to take your lifestyle and surroundings into consideration while hunting for your signature fragrance. FO example, somebody leaving in a cooler climate may be able to work with perfumes that last for fewer number for hours like Eau de Toilettes. However, people leaving in warmer climates may need to opt for an Eau de Parfum for a long-lasting fragrance. Similarly, you must consider your lifestyle and activities to understand if your signature perfume needs to be for an outdoor or indoor setting most of the time. Considering your hobbies and personal life preferences can also bring a fun element into your selection of perfume as it will let your personality shine through your signature scent.

Your choice matters

It is easy to get overwhelmed by rave reviews on the internet if you are trying to buy perfume online Singapore. However, you must remember that your signature perfume is your own and nobody else’s. Pay no heed to the tons of advice or sales pitches you get while perfume shopping. Once you are aware of what distinct smell you are looking for, you must stick to your tastes. So, there is no need to accommodate what others find alluring. Choose what suits your personality and liking. This will ensure that you find the signature fragrance that is meant just for you.

If you are browsing from the hundreds of women’s fragrances, hoping to stumble upon your signature fragrance, Lancolm has a wide variety of exotic and refreshing women’s perfumes. Be it earthy notes or floral, Lancolm offers an amazing selection of breathtaking perfumes that can very well become your signature fragrance.

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