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OgyMogy Best Spy App For Android Phone Without Root

We all have heard this line more often than “Try to think out of the box” or live out of your comfort zone. Better easy said than done but we can’t avoid it. We have to step out of the comfortable bubble and face the realities of life. For example, a private workshop kind of chat was held and we had great chat sessions with some parents and young working force. So we were discussing simple hacks and shortcuts in life that can make our lives easy.

Beyond my expectation, many people are bound to old habits just because they are comfortable with them. Not using new technology or tool just because they think they are too old to change their habits or learn new things was one of the biggest dilemmas of most people’s lives.

We did a simple survey by asking basic questions and 50% of people have not even heard about the spy app for android or monitoring software technology. 20% said they knew about it but were too reluctant to try it for themselves, for work, or loved ones.

One of the obvious reasons was that they have listened to bad things about it and it is not safe to use such apps. It is not true. The use of spy apps like the OgyMogy can have a great impact on daily life routines and your life may change for good once you start using it. But for all that you have to take the first steps. That’s right to get the OgyMogy android spy app.

Spy App for Android Without Root and Multitasking Features:

OgyMogy offers three different packages for an android spy tool that can be used by any type of user. You don’t have to get any special skills as using the app is very simple.

Live Screen Monitoring

  • Screen Check For Teen

Screen monitoring features can be used to keep an eye on the screen time management and activities of the teen. You can simply watch what our teen is up to with the smart gadgets and know if they are sort of trouble.

  • Productivity Check For Employees:

The feature makes it possible for employers to know about the productivity of the employees. All the information is saved with timestamp information it is easy to manage the task report and progress remotely.

Call Recording:

  • Spam Call Alert for kids

Call recording and call log feature let the parents know about the spam call or odd timing calls of the kid’s gadgets. Know if anyone is bugging them late at night and track the caller id to take action.

  • Monitoring Of Work Calls:

With the help of the call recording feature, you can check the important incoming and outgoing work-related calls of the target employees.

Text Log:

  • texting Alerts

Check if anyone is sending inappropriate text messages by having remote access to the inbox folder of the teen.

  • Stop Illegal Data Sharing:

Check if anyone is consciously or unconsciously spilling the tea about the workplace or colleagues.

Social Media Monitoring:

  • Teen Life Alerts

Teenagers love social media and parents must assure the digital safety of the kids. The apps can help of parents Viber spy app, Whatsapp, Sanpchat, Facebook, Tinder many others.

  • Tool For Digital Marketing

Smaller big brands can use the social media monitoring tool to keep a strict check on the digital media campaigns.

Web Browsing Monitoring :

  • Track the Teen Web Exposure

Tracking the internet browsing history is possible with the feature. You can even check the favorite bar and know about the kid’s online interests as well.

  • Check the Employees Distraction In working Hours

Keep an eye on the employees who waste precious working hours in useless activities.

Access to Installed Apps:

  • Save the Kids From Violent Games

By having remote access to the installed apps you can know about any dating app, or violent game your kids are obsessed with and take timely action right away.

  • Discourage Use Company Tool For Personal Use:

Discourage any kind of personal use of official gadgets by monitoring the installed apps and software.

Access to The Photo Album:

Track Vulgar Content Presence in Teen gadgets:

It is easy to track any vulgar data sharing in the teen gadget when you have access to the photo album.

Catch a corporate Spy:

Make sure no employee tries to share confidential information in the digital form.

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