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Friday, February 23, 2024

Sales Force Automation (SFA): An Easy Guide To Help You Get Started

If you are a growing business, it is most likely that you are already using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Just as CRM tools automate customer processes, an SFA (Salesforce automation) system helps to automate the key steps in a marketing and sales process. Sales reps can automate most of their repetitive administrative tasks with an SFA software and organize their tasks in a way that enables them to solely focus on making sales.

The primary reasons for implementing salesforce automation CRM software are to eliminate the time dedicated to manual tasks and effectively redirect the focus of sales teams towards developing long-lasting customer relationships.

Key Features of SFA

SFA tools come with a wide range of features and functionalities. Here is a list of all the essential features to consider while implementing SFA tools to ensure the optimum automation experience irrespective of the size of your company.

Contact Management

In sales, your contacts are everything. Poor customer interaction or a bad introduction to a product can kill the deal. Here, salesforce automation tools will assist your sales teams with creating and storing a contact database that provides relevant information easily and quickly.

Real-time Metrics

SFA tools must provide your sales team with critical data in real-time such as open deals, won deals, revenues, qualified leads, lost deals, and others. When SFA software is integrated with a CRM system it will provide your sales rep with automated report generation that will not only reduce human error but also save time.

Mobile Usability

Your SFA software must build a portable sales office on the phones of your sales reps to enable them to update opportunities and lead statuses in real-time, manage overflows, and close deals on the go.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline management relates to managing the entire sales lifecycle from identifying leads, managing prospects, forecasting sales, and developing lasting relationships post-sales. Here, Opportunity management acts as a complimentary sub-functionality to pipeline management.

Automated Data Entry

SFA tools can help draft emails, create proposals, manage follow-ups, and any other outbound communication.

Sales Forecasting

SFA tools analyze past sales to forecast future sales based on mathematics rather than depending on intuition. This will allow you to establish sales goals as well as a budget for your company.

Sales Processes that can be automated with SFA

If you are planning to get started with salesforce automation, here are a few processes that you can easily automate with SFA –

Automate Meeting Scheduling

Whether the sales teams want to set up a meeting among themselves or a salesperson wants to convince a potential customer over a meeting, SFA software (especially those with a CRM) can automate the entire process.

The Salesforce automation software comes with meeting tools that provide customizable booking links so that each sales rep has an individual link for appointments or meetings. You can also send these links to your potential customers as these will inform them about your schedule and ensure that the meeting is scheduled only when you are free.

Automated Record Creation

Data entry and record keeping are usually time-consuming administrative tasks that keep your sales teams occupied. With salesforce automation software you can automate the record creating process with the help of a series of inputs.

Each time a lead clicks onto your brand’s pricing page, requests a demo, or when the trial nears its end, SFA will successfully make the record. Moreover, with salesforce automation tools you can also automate the follow-up process for your leads.

Automated Sales Collateral

Sales Collateral includes content that is specifically designed to connect with the prospect and motivate them to make the sale. It often takes a long time to put these materials together which makes your sales rep spend less time on direct sales. With salesforce automation tools you can open up the collaborative possibilities to make the creation of these materials a shared task. This will ensure that the job is completed faster and you have a robust library of materials that will draw in the leads effectively.

Automated Reporting

Automated reporting is incredibly valuable in saving the time of your sales teams and also eliminates human error. An integrated SFA and CRM system can track past sales records and customer interactions to deliver accurate reports using quantitative data.

This will enable sales managers to evaluate the performance of each sales rep and take necessary actions to boost operational efficiency.

How do you select the most ideal SFA tools for your business? ConvergeHub will allow you to select an SFA tool that is not only scalable and intuitive but also well integrated with CRM software. We will implement salesforce automation tools that come with top features like lead scoring, lead tracking, lead generation, pipeline management, and opportunity management.

Contact us today to know more.

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