Friday, July 19, 2024

The Benefits Of Electronic Retail Shelf Tags

If you are looking ways to improve operational efficiency in your retail business, one of the things you should consider doing is switching to electronic retail shelf tags – that is if you still paper-based price tags in your business. These price tags can provide numerous benefits. First of all, they will show more information. Modern ESL technology makes it possible to display more information on each label. Apart from price, the electronic retail shelf labels can be used to display additional product information, size, nutritional facts, stock remaining and price per weight.

Another benefit of electronic retail shelf tags is that they can make it easy for you to track customer movement and patterns. You can install movement sensors in each electronic price label and use it for tracking all customer movement as well as traffic around your store. When you understand your in-store traffic in details, it can assist you in areas such as product placement, aisle layout, promotional areas and displays and so on. Moreover, you can see how many people looked at a certain product but did not purchase it, and it can also help you identify slow-moving products in your store.

Last but not least, use of electronic retail shelf tags can help save paper and plastic. Printing labels whenever you make a change to your price or need to replace a worn out label is a huge waste especially if you sell hundreds or thousands of different products in your business. Not only are papers and plastic labels expensive, but they can also add more waste. When you switch to electronic labels, you only have to purchase labels one time. You will not need to throw out anything, and prices will always be up to date.

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